British Canoeing Pathways

British Canoeing 1 star training will take us through the elements of the British Canoeing 1 star syllabus.

This is an introductory sea kayaking course that aims at developing strong foundations in our performance.

Syllabus link: 

DURATION: 1 or 2 days
COST: 90€
EXPERIENCE NEEDED: This course is appropriate for anyone that has no previous paddling experience.

Sea kayaker being trained on the the BCU 1 star syllabus.


British Canoeing 2 star training will take us through the elements of the British Canoeing 2 star syllabus. The syllabus requires training in both canoe and kayak.

During these 2 days of the course, we work towards developing the skills and knowledge needed for passing a British Canoeing 2 star assessment. The course is completed in sheltered water environments.

Syllabus link:

DURATION: 2 days
COST: 180€
EXPERIENCE NEEDED: This course is suitable for anyone with some paddling experience in kayak and canoe. Alternatively, the course is suitable for any participant having completed a 1 star or other type of an introductory course.

Sea kayakers training for BCU2 Star

British Canoeing 3 star sea kayak training will take us through the elements of the latest British Canoeing 3 star syllabus for sea kayak.

Rolling is one of these elements and probably the most challenging one, so this course is integrated with our 2-day rolling from scratch course. During the course and when weather conditions are appropriate, we work in moderate water environments of sea state 3 and up to force 4 winds.

Syllabus link:

DURATION: 4 days (including the 2 days rolling from scratch integrated course)
COST: 330€
EXPERIENCE NEEDED: This sea kayaking course is suitable for anyone with some paddling experience in sea kayak. The course is more appropriate for someone that is at a 2 star standard of performance and/or has completed introductory and perhaps some form of improvement training as well.

BCU 3 star sea kayak training by Odysea

At Odysea we run assessments for the following British Canoeing performance awards for paddlesport:

  • British Canoeing 1 star: 

Taking place on sheltered waterSea kayakers during their BCU assessments/.
and designed as a basic award,
the British Canoeing One Star is the level people
would typically reach after an
introductory course of 6 hours
quality water time. The award
is obtained by taking the
assessment in any style of
kayak or canoe (sit-on-top, slalom C2, polo boat, sea kayak, racing canoe etc).

  • British Canoeing 2 star: 

Helping paddlers develop fundamental paddlesport skills on flat water, the British Canoeing Two Star award gives emphasis on gaining a breadth of experience, creating the desired movement of the boat and developing an understanding of the interactions among the paddle, the boat and the water. The award is obtained by taking the assessment in both a kayak and a canoe. Any style of kayak or canoe is permissible e.g. Sea Kayak, River Kayak, Open Canoe, Racing C1 etc.

  • British Canoeing 3 star sea kayak:

Being able to complete successfully the British Canoeing 3 Star Sea Kayak Award demonstrates that the candidate has the level of skill, understanding and knowledge of an able improving sea paddler and beyond that of a beginner. The assessment will take the form of a continuous assessment whilst journeying in a moderate tidal environment as part of a led group with no more than Force 4 winds.

For young paddlers (under the age of 15), British Canoeing Paddlepower scheme is also supported, providing:

  • PaddlePower Start: an entry level award suitable for taster sessions or as part of a series of sessions.
  • PaddlePower Passport: 4 progressive levels based on 24 topics that can be grouped into Safety Awareness, Paddling Skills, Varied Experiences, and Supporting Knowledge. The award is equivalent to 1 Star.
  • PaddlePower Discover: this follows on from Passport with a further 4 levels to take the young paddler to an equivalent of 2 star standard.
  • PaddlePower Explore: 3 different levels takes the paddler on an extensive journey exploring the great variety of Paddlesport, with topics focused on participation in events and trips in the competitive and non-competitive disciplines.

ASSESMENT DAY COST: 90€ (including British Canoeing certification fees)