Open Canoe Coaching

Οur first and most important experience in open canoeing!
During this 2-day beginners’ course Open canoe courses by Odysea Sea Kayaking
we aim to create the strongest foundations
on which you are going to build your future performance in open canoeing.
We aim to discover a wide range of the techniques
that are useful in order to maneuver our boats efficiently and safely both in and out of the water.

Use and taking care of equipment, environmental considerations, fundamental safety and risk awareness are covered in a 2 hours classroom session. We aim to share a total of 10 hours quality paddling time in flat water environment.

After this 2-day course we will have been introduced to the strokes and skills needed in order to control our position and navigate effectively with an open canoe in a sheltered environment.

DURATION: 2 days
COST: 160 € (including all suitable for the course and weather conditions paddling equipment, snack, action plan)
EXPERIENCE NEEDED: There is no previous experience needed to attend this course, as it is specially designed to introduce us to open canoeing adventures.

A perfect practice will make a perfect performance!

This is a 2-day course that looks towards developing the skills introduced in the beginners’ course.

During the course we aim to solidify performance in the skills learnt, individually identify and meet needs in improving performance, as well as prepare for a bit choppier or windier conditions.

In the total of 10 hours more handling techniques are going to be discovered and practiced along with a 2 hours classroom time.

Finishing the course we will have practiced and developed thoroughly through all the skills and rescue approaches needed to keep us in control and safe in sheltered water outings.

DURATION: 2 days
COST: 180€ (including all suitable for the course and weather conditions paddling equipment, snack, action plan)
EXPERIENCE NEEDED: Having the introduction course completed works best. Equivalent past former instruction in canoeing should be enough for attending this course.

Open canoeing courses in Western Greece

This course aims to provide you the opportunity to practice the skills you need to demonstrate for a “flight” through the BCU 2 star assessment.

Within its 2-day duration two appropriate trips paddling an open canoe are included: planning, scenarios, feedback and coaching on the move while exploring beautiful parts and the hidden treasures of lakes and lagoons could be the description of this course – a great combination of exploring and refreshing your applied skills prior to an assessment.

DURATION: 2 days
COST: 140€ (including all suitable for the course and weather conditions paddling equipment, snack)
EXPERIENCE NEEDED: Improver preparing for a 2 star assessment.

Practicing the skills needed for the BCU 2 star assessment.