Sea Kayak Coaching

Learn, enjoy and develop your sea kayaking skills through a range of top quality coaching sessions. Discover the sea kayaker in you, using top end equipment and sharing knowledge and experiences!

Plan Your Own Trip!

Plan your own sea kayaking adventure in Greece. Get in touch and get access to suggestions, logistics support, top-notch equipment. Let’s bring it to life!

British Canoeing Pathways

At odysea we offer the range of British Canoeing personal performance star awards, trainings and assessments. BC 1 star, BC 2 star as well as the new BC 3 star & BC Sea Kayak Leaders (former 4 star) trainings and assessments are provided all year round.

Open Canoe Coaching

There’s magic in canoeing! Discover it through enjoyable coaching sessions and build the skills that will make you glide gracefully, efficiently and safely in your open canoe journeys.