Starling Murmurations in Ambracian gulf!

Ambracian Gulf during sunsetThe camera was left with no bars of power shooting this last picture of us during an introductory sea kayak course in Ambracian Gulf a few weeks ago, during Christmas, with Petros, Dimitris and George. Then I noticed black smoke very far in the distance. I spent a while observing what I still thought was smoke only to find out that it didn’t quite behave like smoke! It was stretching and condensing, fading and reshaping dancing within the lower level of atmosphere smoothly! This is not manmade… Look at the birds! Magic! I can’t remember of a time that I came across a starling murmuration ritual-like dance and didn’t feel ecstatic. Magic is a great word to describe the whole sight of it. It feels like a pulse, a powerful wave, a unique alive moving sculpture, solely driven by some sort of pure motivation. No doubts, no questions, no hesitation, pure Action!

Being close or under it when it happens is unique experience – a kind of experience that only seakayaking adventures can offer you that g enerously: Staring from quite a distance gives you the chance to witness the size and the flowing shape of this charming dance of nature. Left me wonder, whether we as human beings could ever seem to move so intuitively and aesthetically coordinated in life. Or even, whether there are aspects and moments that we already do…! If so, do we notice?



Murmurations during Odysea's course in Greece