Lefkada and Meganisi

A week at the island of Lefkada and Meganisi, a 6-days sea kayak exploration of the best miles of their coast.

Starting from the picturesque village Agios Nikitas on the northwest part of the island we plan to paddle along the stunning west coast, the remote Sesoula islet, the awesome cape Doukato and around the south landscapes of Lefkada, also known as Lefkas.
Meganisi adds on to the experience with its spectacular sea caves and charming atmosphere.


This trip is planned to satisfy both beginner and intermediate paddlers, happy to paddle for up to 3,5 – 4 hours in total in a day. The distances planned to be covered on this multi-day sea kayak tour are quite comfortably covered by beginner paddlers as well. Some experience is always welcome as regards to a camping overnight and possibly to an experience in boat handling before joining in a multi-day sea kayak tour.
We surely recommend a few days of sea kayaking experience and handling awareness aiming for an enjoyable and developing journey.

We carefully select our accommodation to ensure memorable experiences for our guests as well as practical logistics and sightseeing. We plan for 6 overnights in rooms /apartments and 1 overnight wild camping for this sea kayaking experience.
Note that the last night’s accommodation is also arranged.
More specifically, for this journey we plan:
2 overnights at Ag. Nikitas (Arrival day and last paddling day)
1 wild camping overnight on the west coast
1 overnight at Vasiliki
1 overnight at Sivota
2 overnights at Meganisi

  • Day_1 – Meeting day:
    We meet at the apartments in Agios Nikitas where our accommodation is arranged. We set our meeting for early evening in order to have time to get to know the team and discuss, prepare and plan for the following days!
  • Day_2: Agios Nikitas – Gialos/Egremnoi
    On our first day out at sea, we head out exploring the first stretch of the west coast. The scenery is rewarding straightaway as we paddle out of the bay of Ag. Nikitas. Along today’s paddle, we are exploring hidden and unknown coastal features around famous beaches of the island like Mylos, Kathisma and Gialos.  Swim, snack and lunch breaks along the first half of the day and a visit for exploration of Sesoula islet later on is what we are aiming for. We set up our camp for the night and after we prepare our dinner, we watch the sunset while enjoying our meal!
  • Day_3: Gialos/Egremnoi – Vasiliki
    The second stretch of the west coast is ahead! The scenery we are about to paddle along for the day is exciting and we plan for a reasonably early start allowing us plenty of exploration time. The milestones of the day include Porto Katsiki and the cape Doukato (also known as Lefkatas). Between these, a stunning series of features and an awesome coastal environment. Arriving at Vasiliki early evening for checking in our rooms and then out for our dinner and a walk at Vasiliki village is what we plan.
  • Day_4: Vasiliki – Sivota
    Today we are paddling at the south part of Lefkada. A much greener landscape is at the background of our sea kayaking venture. Exploring the coastal features near Agiofili and around the first headlands makes the first part of the day colorful and enjoyable. The usually prevailing local wind patterns give us a fun downwind run towards the picturesque Sivota bay.
  • Day_5: Sivota – Meganisi
    More caves! Another exciting stretch of coast is ahead, one with some spectacular limestone caves to be explored as well as some very interesting sedimentary rock formations along the first part of the day. Crossing to Meganisi changes the landscape’s palette to green tones, a relaxing and inviting change. We enjoy our lunch at the beautiful islet of Thilia in the straight between Lefkada and Meganisi and then we are heading to the north bays of Meganisi and Porto Spilia. The beautiful village of Spartochori will be our home for the two following nights and the local hosts are just one of a kind!
  • Day_6: Meganisi (round trip)
    Meganisi is a relatively big island (hence the name Mega + nisi) and it has a funny shape! The most spectacular stretch of its coastal beauty though is its southwest part and this is where we are heading today. The known Papanikolis cave will accommodate us for a special lunch-break!
  • Day_7: Meganisi – Vathi/Scorpios- Nydri
    We depart from Porto Spilia heading to visit Vathi and the famous island Scorpios, that once belonged to Aristotle Onassis. We are keeping a flexible itinerary for the day, paddling at the north part of Meganisi. We arrive at Nydri later in the day completing this sea kayaking experience in Ionian sea!
  • all top quality paddling, camping and appropriate for the trip gear
  • experienced guide, British Canoeing (UKCC) Sea Kayak Coach/ Leader
  • 6 nights’ accommodation in double occupancy apartments (an extra, single occupancy supplement needs to be arranged if you book as an individual and you need a single room)
  • Breakfasts (5), all lunches (6), camping meal (1), fruits & snack

During this sea kayaking week, you shall need:

Swimming suit(s)
Sun glasses
UV protection cream
Sea shoes / sandals
Dry clothes
Personal medicines (if needed)

Extra thermal layers
Personal toiletries
Insect repellent
Extra camping equipment (At Odysea we use high quality sleeping bags, mats and 2p tents. However you may bring your own or extra equipment if you wish and as far as it fits inside a kayak hatch!)