During this 8-day sea kayaking trip we are going to have the opportunity to explore the western part of the island of Crete, famous worldwide for the exquisite beauty of its landscape.

Beginning at Sfakia and ending at Kissamos, we spend every mile of this trip admiring the unique coastline, learning about Cretan culture and tasting local flavors.

As far as accommodation is concerned, Odysea has made a very careful selection of the apartments, as well as the regions in which we are going to camp during this exceptional sea kayaking experience!


This 9-day sea kayaking trip is suitable for paddlers with moderate to extensive sea kayaking experience.

You should feel confident in paddling in moderate seas as part of a led group. Experience in other sea kayaking trips that included camping overnight is welcome.

During the 9-day sea kayaking trip we either wild camp or stay at the beautiful apartments selected carefully by Odysea – according, of course, to our planning (3 nights wild camping / 6 nights’ accommodation including the meeting/ arrival and the last day).

When wild camping, we cook our dinner for 2 nights and visit a beautiful tavern on the second one and when accommodation is arranged, we choose dining at the local tavernas, in order to taste the great variety of Cretan delicacies!

  • Meeting day:

We meet at the apartments in Chora Sfakion (Sfakia) where our first night’s accommodation is arranged (details are sent following your booking confirmation). We set our meeting for early evening in order to have time to get to know each other within the group and discuss, prepare, plan and brief for the following days!

  • Day 1: Sfakia-Ag. Roumeli (paddling distance: app. 11 Nm):

In the morning we pack and prepare our sea kayaks and then launch from Sfakia to follow the coastline west towards Loutro. We paddle under the shade of Lefka Ori (in Greek, White Mountains) and close to the ends of great gorges like Iligas, Aradaenas and Samarias. The landscape is wild and mountainous and the beaches we opt for our relaxing swimming time are exceptional. Later in the day we head towards Agia Roumeli where we stay in the apartments chosen carefully from Odysea for the night.

  • Day 2: Ag. Roumeli-Souyia (paddling distance: app. 9 Nm):

Today we are going to explore the beautiful coastline between Agia Roumeli and Souyia. Again paddling under the shade of the Cretan mountains, we choose to enjoy some of the secluded beaches and places like Domata and Tripiti at the end of the gorges on our way to Souyia. The colors of the landscape turn greener as we approach Souyia, a characteristic of the west part of the island. We land at Souyia beach early in the afternoon having enough time to settle in our rooms and enjoy a stroll around the village or at the ancient city of Lissos nearby. We stay in beautiful apartments for this night and we enjoy some great dishes from the local cuisine.

  • Day 3: Souyia-Palaeochora (paddling distance: app. 9 Nm):

During this sea kayaking day we paddle towards Palaeochora. On the way we are about to visit the ancient city of Lissos by the sea and the quiet beach of Gialiskari where a relaxing surprise is awaiting. Here we have the chance to enjoy a massage session between swims and before we hit the water and head to Palaeochora.  Palaeochora is a great place to be, balanced between a relaxed village and a modern, funky urban setting. We opt for accommodation in nice apartments for the overnight and once more we enjoy the Cretan cuisine from the local masters!

  • Day 4: Palaiochora-Elafonisi (paddling distance: app. 10 Nm):

We load our kayaks at Palaeochora in the morning and we paddle towards Elafonisi. This south west edge of the Cretan island provides many opportunities for many breaks for swimming and lunch on our way. Paddling around Krios headland we can see Elafonisi in the distance. We follow the beautiful coastline and we arrive near Elafonisi later in the day where we camp for the night. This night we opt to cook for our dinner!

  • Day 5: Elafonisi-Sfinari (paddling distance: app. 11 Nm):

Today we start paddling the west coast of the island. Soon on our way north, we see the 17th century Chrysoskalitissa Monastery built on rocks by the sea. Heading north with our sea kayaks, exploring the rocky coastline we enjoy our breaks on some of the few quiet beaches. Our destination for this relatively longer day is Sfinari village. We arrive at Sfinari beach early in the afternoon. Accommodation is arranged in beautiful apartments for overnight. We choose the local tavernas for our dinner.

  • Day 6: Sfinari-Falasarna (paddling distance: app. 7 Nm):

A relaxed sea kayaking day exploring the coastline between Sfinari and Falasarna, takes us a bit closer to Gramvousa. This is the shortest distance to cover in a day for this trip and we take advantage of this to enjoy a day on the beach or a short hike and learn how to make our own Cretan traditional “kaltsounia” following the local women’s instructions! We camp on the beach for the overnight and we enjoy our evening meal at the local tavernas nearby.

  • Day 7: Falasarna-Gramvousa (paddling distance: app. 9 Nm):

We launch from Falasarna in the morning heading north in the shade of the highs of the northwest edge of Crete. The headland of Gramvousa is wild and stunning. After a few nautical miles we reach Balos, the surprise of a sandy oasis in the wild rocky coastline of the area. We enjoy our lunch and relaxing time at Balos before we head to cross to the island named Iremi (meaning: Tame) Gramvousa. We visit the Venetian castle built in 16th century and another view of the area is revealed. We camp on the island for overnight and on this night we cook for our dinner.

  • Day 8: Gramvousa-Kissamos (paddling distance: app. 9 Nm):

During this last day of this trip, on the west part of Crete, we paddle around the wildest stretch of the coastline. After we cross to the headland, we head south following the east coastline of Gramvousa and we paddle towards Kissamos. On our way, a tiny secluded beach accommodates us for our lunch break and relaxation. Later in the day we reach Kissamos and we complete this sea kayaking adventure staying at Kissamos overnight and, after settling in our apartments, enjoying a rewarding dinner in the area.

The price of this sea kayaking trip, includes:

  • British Canoeing leader & coach to lead the trip
  • all top quality paddling, camping and safety gear
  • 6 nights’ accommodation in double occupancy apartments
  • All breakfasts (9), all lunches (8), wild camping meals (2), fruits & snacks

During this sea kayaking trip, you shall need:

  • Swimming suit(s)
  • Hat
  • Sun glasses
  • UV protection cream
  • Sea shoes / sandals
  • Towel(s)
  • Dry clothes
  • Personal valuables
  • Personal medication (if needed)


  • Extra thermal layers
  • Fleece
  • Torch
  • Personal toiletries
  • Insect repellant
  • Extra camping equipment (At Odysea we use high quality sleeping bags, mats and 2p tents. However you may bring your own or extra equipment if you wish and as far as it fits inside a kayak hatch!)