Inside; December evening at the base

Ripping off, starting….

Tearing apart papers and plastic sheets to get to see the bright colors within. Making a pleasurable mess with the packaging. Trying to figure out possibilities of making a use of the torn sheets. Carefully inspect the smooth new decks and hulls and prepare them for our new adventures. Yes, these have been some of those great evenings, with new deliveries all over the place!

Variety is key in sea kayaking! A good friend of mine, Tim Ekstam likes to mention this quite regularly -thankfully- when we see each other and go a bit more philosophical! Of course this is mainly said in terms of destinations, interesting features, conditions and potentials, however it hugely applies in a sense of available kayaks in a fleet too. Valley boats are here to complete our fleet for 2016 and we are EXCITED!!!

As we got to know best, we do our best, “blending” the best, in every single aspect, in order experiences we share with you, make you feel, what we love to feel, when out there… sea kayaking…

Excited, that’s all!

Bye for now,