Bespoke Sea Kayak Coaching

A highly rewarding and effective sea kayaking skills development experience!

You are able to steer the content of your sessions’ focus based on any specific needs you can address in your performance or aim to share with us your aspirations in order to put together an achievable pathway of challenges and goals set as stepping stones that will get you there effectively and empowered!

When coach to students ratios get small as such in bespoke coaching sessions, there is an incredible amount of opportunity for focused work and progress to take place.
Along any bespoke sea kayak coaching series of sessions and any agreed time shared on the water you receive a great deal of constructive and beneficial attention and focused tasks set.

Here at odysea we offer bespoke sea kayak coaching days for individuals as well as any groups of up to a number of 4 students. As an individual or small group you can orientate your learning outcomes towards areas such as:

  • Skills and individualised technical development (strokes, rolling etc)
  • Moving water skills
  • Surf zone skills
  • Rough water and/or high wind skills
  • Open content individualised coaching
  • Safety considerations and rescue skills
  • Leadership approach and management
  • Trip planning, navigation, seamanship and weather forecasts’ interpretations
  • Specific goal setting and consultation

This is the ultimate kind of coaching George loves in particular and he is passionate to be immersed in. This is arguably where a wide spectrum of his assets, and experience shine through.

We consider a full day option to keep us busy for 8 hours (including any short transfers and logistics) while a half day option can be 5 hours of involvement. These options allow for 6 and 3 hours of fun, rewarding and enjoyable sea kayaking time respectively.

Prices indicatively start at 50€/half day/person for a group of 4 students.

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