British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader Training (MW)

Our 3-days British Canoeing, Non-Tidal Sea Kayak Leaders Course aims to explore and help you develop a good part of all those important elements of a confident Sea Kayak Leader such as awareness, understanding, personal skills, knowledge, strategies and decision making in a moderate, non-tidal sea environment.

Along the course we paddle in venues offering the opportunity to practice in moderate sea state 3(4) and winds up to and including force 4 and emphasise on elements of performance such as:

  • Personal paddling skills in moderate water environment (sea state 3/4)
  • Knowledge and skilful application of a variety of rescue skills and towing
  • Leadership; group management, strategies, decision-making, awareness, risk & incident management
  • Planning, weather forecast interpretations, chart work, environmental considerations
  • Navigation, general knowledge, seamanship
  • Reflection, future development, goal setting and action plans

Duration: 17+ hrs in 3 days
Suitable for: Every aspiring sea kayak leader. Every sea paddler with skills and knowledge associated with the old 3 Star, new Sea Kayak or Coastal Sea Kayak Personal Performance award that wishes to develop further as a sea kayak leader.
Price: 320€
Venues: Venues at south Attica, near Athens and Sounio.

Coaching: 2 days with Doug Cooper (May 4 & 5) , 1 day with George Gazetas (May 3)

Dates for next scheduled courses:

  • Athens, 3-5 May 2022

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British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leaders Greece