British Canoeing Coastal Sea Kayak Personal Performance

Our 4-days Coastal Sea Kayak Personal Performance focused course is an important part of your progression as an improver sea paddler and towards the milestone of achieving the new British Canoeing Coastal Sea Kayak Award.

This skills development journey is designed in order to progress your skills, ability and decision making for an enjoyable and safe day out on the sea.
We find ourselves paddling and aim towards confident planning and proficient paddling performance, in winds of up to and including force 4 and/or tides up to 2 knots.

Along our time shared in this Coastal Sea Kayak Personal Performance course, we aim to progress our knowledge, skills and decision making in areas such as:

  • Location specific; weather, sea state, tidal, topography, access and environmental considerations. Sources of information and interpretations.
  • Day-trip preparation; equipment specific, clothing, trip-planning, navigational considerations.
  • On the water; group and other water users awareness, communication, safety and rescue. Seamanship.
  • Sea kayak handling, incident management and rescue skills.
  • After the session reflection, learning points and outcomes.
  • Future development, options and goal setting.

Indicative duration: 20-25 hours in 4-5 days
Suitable for: Everyone who wishes to progress their skills, knowledge and decision making in order to proficiently, confidently and safely plan and undertake a day-trip out on the sea, in moderate water.
Indicative price: 390€ (British Canoeing registration and/or certification fees are not included)
Venues: We offer our courses everywhere in Greece, on demand. Our regularly scheduled courses are offered periodically in the year in a variety of venues at south Attica, near Athens and Sounio, the central Ionian islands –Kefalonia, Lefkada, Paxos & Antipaxos– as well as west Greece –Ambracian Gulf, Preveza .

Dates for next scheduled courses:

  • Athens – South Attica, November 2020

Note that all our offered Sea Kayak Personal Performance courses are also available as tailor-made, long-term progression of a series of coaching sessions and journeys.

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The Coastal Sea Kayak Award endorses your judgment, decision making and expertise and requires a good understanding of paddling on the sea. This confidence, based upon proficiency of skills and a broad appreciation of surroundings and environmental context creates a sound basis for building the experience and knowledge associated with the Advanced Sea Kayak Award.

Sea Kayak Courses in the Mediterranean - Greece