Learning the hard way?


…the following one

Sometimes we do learn the hard way, the sea seems to prefer this teaching method too.
Life itself is full of learning the hard way stories anyway… It is rather simply a matter of time to get our selves in a position where we ‘ve learned from the outcome of a dodgy experience . Our development as sea kayakers can be like this.

Can this be improved though? What if we could choose the best time and conditions to be exposed? Could fine-tuned exposure to challenges with calculated risks be a lot more beneficial to our development as sea paddlers?

Being blessed enough to have a profession that allows me to share with my students challenges within a constantly calculated risks frame, my point here is quite simple yet very valuable; Our coaches or mentors are the ones in charge to best fine-tune our exposure to what could have been learned-the-hard-way scenarios along our development pathway.

The coach will take care of the essentials, care for the important ones, work for the beneficial, study and address needs, filter any excess, foresee, share, reflect, encourage, take action plus many …many more! He will develop and compose the environment in which our performance will improve.
A fundamental element during a student/coach session could be called safety! It could also be called effectiveness! Could be called in many different ways I suppose…  What I would however prefer to call it here is smoothness.

Coaching sessions are priceless and their benefits shine through in real life scenarios quite often. Those scenarios then become a great base for reflection and discuss, with a cup of tea or coffee, smiles and satisfaction.
“Learning” during coaching sessions leaves …”the hard way” aside for a while. The “hard” time may find you on the way; It’s all about a matter of being well prepared then!




See you on the water,