Lefkada (Lefkas)

A 7-day sea kayaking trip that will introduce you to the magic of sea kayaking vacations in one of the most beautiful places in Greece.

Starting from the heart of Ambracian Gulf and covering some of the most beautiful miles of Greek coastline, on Lefkada island and Ionian Sea, this sea kayaking trip will offer you one of the most exciting adventures of your whole life!

This sea kayaking adventure trip is more suitable for individuals who have experienced paddling on sea kayaking trips before and capable of covering a distance of up to 15 Nm in a day.

During the trip we either wild camp or stay overnight in beautiful apartments* according to our planning (3 nights wild camp/ 3 nights’ accommodation).

When wild camp is the case, we cook for our dinner and when accommodation is the case we taste the delicacies of local tavernas!

* Indicative lodging:
Kalypso Apartments, Ag. Nikitas:
Oceanis Rooms, Poros:

  • Meeting day:

Μeeting of the group early in the evening, in order to get to know each other and discuss the program we are going to follow on the trip the following days.

  • Day 1: Koronisia islesKefalos islet (paddling distance: approximately 10Nm):

In the first day of our trip, we head to explore the central and central-south part of Ambracian Gulf – a tranquil ecosystem where thousands of birds, as well as sea turtles (Caretta Caretta), and dolphins (Tursiops Truncatus) live in. After exploring the small islets near Koronisia, we cross to Vonitsa, a picturesque coastal city in Western Greece, where we can browse through the small stores and enjoy our lunch in the local taverns. Try local fish and delicious traditional local specialties – after all, Greece is widely known not only for the outstanding beauty of its places but for their culinary tradition too! After lunch we continue our sea kayaking adventure to Kefalos islet, where we wild camp for the night. Chefs of our dinner, we ourselves!

  • Day 2: Kefalos islet-Ag Nikolaos(paddling distance: app. 15 Nm):

The second day of our trip we discover the hidden beauty of the Ionian Sea. Starting from Kefalos isle, where we camp, we start paddling west towards Preveza, one of the most well-known cities in this part of Greece. We say goodbye to Ambracian Gulf and we enjoy our lunch near Preveza, where there are plenty of tavernas and shops. After lunch, we set sail for the south following along the coastline, in the direction where lies the picturesque village that is going to host our campsite for the night. The west coast of Lefkada, the islanf we are heading to for the next day, is now a line on our horizon.

  • Day 3: Ag. Nikolaos-Ag. Nikitas (paddling distance: app. 11Nm):

The crystal clear turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, and specifically the part between Ag. Nikolaos and the islets of Ag. Ioannis, is the sea platform where we are going to experience today’s sea kayaking adventure. Shortly before noon, we set sail for Ag. Ioannis beach – one of the most impressive beaches of Lefkada, as well as, a reference point in Greece for kitesurfng lovers. Taverns, cafes and of course the famous windmills of Lefkada, will be the ideal setting for our stop here, where we are also going to take our lunch. After our lunch stop, an enchanting sea kayaking experience along the west coast of Lefkada is waiting for u: unsurpassed nature and huge rocks hanging up the coast compose the idyllic path that will lead us to Agios Nikitas, the place where is also the lodging that we will stay overnight.

  • Day 4: Ag. Nikitas-Porto Katsiki (paddling distance: app. 12Nm):

One of the most famous for its breathtaking natural beauty, parts of Greece’s coastline, will be today’s sea kayaking path: The reflections of coastal limestone rocks frolic with water, creating an unexpected spectacle of thousands of colors, cumulative to the existing dazzling beauty. First stop for today’s sea kayaking adventure is Egremnoi beach, an exotic beach with white sand on the western part of the island, inaccessible by road and surrounded by impressive cliffs, that will host our lunch. Our next stop, another dreamlike destination in the south, where we will set up our tents for overnight accommodation and prepare our dinner as well: Porto Katsiki beach.

  • Day 5: Porto Katsiki-M.Gialos-Poros (paddling distance: app.15 Nm):

The fifth day of our trip, we explore the south part of Lefkada island. Starting early from Porto Katsiki beach, we will enjoy a morning paddle on our last miles in the west coast. In the small idyllic bay of Agiofili beach, with the sapphire waters and the white pebbles, we will make our lunch stop for the day, to continue our sea kayaking adventure up to Sivota or Poros, where we are going to spend the night.

  • Day 6: Poros-Nidri (paddling distance: app. 9 Nm):

Starting from Mikros Gialos bay towards southeast and Meganisi island, the largest island of Prigiponissia’s cluster, we will finish the last day of this sea kayaking trip. Since the paddling distance is not that long, today is… holiday time! Relax and enjoy the outstanding beauty hidden in this part of Greece: abundant green nature, blue caves, crystal clear waters, make this miniature island a real paradise on earth. After having lunch at Meganisi, we set sail for Nydri, where we are going to finish our sea kayaking adventure, after having experienced one of the best stretches of coastline in Ionian sea. Accommodation for the night is arranged for convenience.

The price of this sea kayaking trip, includes:

  • British Canoeing leader & coach to lead the trip
  • All top quality paddling, camping and safety gear
  • 4 nights’ accommodation
  • All breakfasts, lunches and three dinners for the camping overnights



During this sea kayaking trip, you shall need:

  • Swimming suit(s)
  • Hat
  • Sun glasses
  • UV protection cream
  • Sea shoes / sandals
  • Towel(s)
  • Dry clothes
  • Personal valuables / papers (these can be stored in a dry bag and hatch in the kayak)
  • Personal medicines (if needed)


  • Extra thermal layers
  • Fleece
  • Torch
  • Personal toiletries
  • Insect repellant
  • Extra camping equipment (At Odysea we use high quality sleeping bags, mats and 2p tents. However you may bring your own or extra equipment if you wish and as far as it fits inside a kayak hatch!)