Lefkada & Televoes’ islands hopping

A 10-day sea kayaking trip (including the meeting and briefing day) that begins at the picturesque village of Agios Nikitas, in Lefkada, one of the most beautiful and interesting islands for sea kayaking in Greece!

The paddling miles of this part of the Greek coastline, along with the outstanding natural beauty of the destinations that compose this trip (including, besides from Lefkada, the islands of Meganisi, Kalamos and Kastos), make this sea kayaking trip a truly… top-notch experience!

This sea kayaking trip is more suitable for individuals who have little to some experience in sea kayaking.

A few day-trips or even multiday trips or participation in some introductory and improvement courses would be enough.

Some camping experience is also welcome!

During this 10-day sea kayaking trip we either wild camp or use beautiful apartments* according to our planning (5 nights wild camping / 4 nights’ accommodation including the meeting/arrival and the last day).

When wild camping, we cook for our dinner, while when the accommodation is arranged, we enjoy Greek cuisine at some of the chosen local tavernas at each place we visit!

*Indicative lodging:

  • Wild Sea:
  • Rouda Bay Hotel:
  • Meeting day:

Setting the apartments in Agios Nikitas, where our first night’s accommodation is arranged (details are sent following your booking confirmation) as our meeting place, and early evening as our meeting time, we will have the opportunity to meet the team, as well as discuss, prepare, plan and brief for the following days!

  • Day 1: Agios Nikitas-Komilio (paddling distance: approximately 7 Nm):

After having packed and loaded our kayaks, we launch from the scenic village of Agios Nikitas heading south. The very first images of our sea kayaking adventure overflow with the enchanting beauty dominating this part of Greek coastline: the limestone cliffs and beaches of Lefkada’s west coast, along with bright turquoise water and white rocks, paint the idyllic scenery. We enjoy our meals and fruits on beautiful beaches on the way and we reach Komilio beach later in the day where we camp for the night.

  • Day 2: Komilio-Porto Katsiki (paddling distance: app. 9 Nm):

Breakfast and a morning swim at Komilio is the best way to begin the second day of our sea kayaking adventure. Heading to Sesoula islet, and dedicating the time needed to explore with our kayaks, we then follow the amazing coastline, taking our breaks for lunch and swim and we finally arrive at the scenic Porto Katsiki where we camp for the night.

  • Day 3: Porto Katsiki-Vasiliki-Agiofili (paddling distance: app. 10 Nm):

On the third day of our sea kayaking trip, we head to explore the stunning coastline around the south cape of Lefkada – Doukato. We continue our paddling in the bay of Vasiliki towards Vasiliki village – a great opportunity for a coffee break (for those of you that find it disconcerting that it is only mentioned on day 3… we promise, it won’t be the only one!). Later in the day, we follow the coastline to Agiofili beach where we stay for the night.

  • Day 4: Agiofili – Sivota-Mikros Gialos (paddling distance: app. 10 Nm):

Starting our day from Agiofili beach and paddling along the tranquil south coastline of Lefkada, we head to the magnificent landscape and tranquility of Sivota bay. This will be the place to enjoy our lunch, tasting the delicious traditional yummies of the local cuisine. Later we launch again, paddling a few miles more to Mikros Gialos and Rouda bay where we opt for an overnight. Accommodation is arranged for this night and local tavernas provide with some excellent choices for a memorable dinner!

  • Day 5: Mikros Gialos-Scorpios-Meganisi (paddling distance: app. 8 Nm):

After enjoying our breakfast at Mikros Gialos apartments, we explore with our kayaks the coastline around the headland, as well as head towards Meganisi and Thilia islands. The day is full of surprises and exploration! Later on, we continue our sea kayaking adventure heading towards Scorpios, the famous Aristotelis Onasis’ island and head back to Meganisi and Spartochori village for accommodation. We enjoy our night at the local taverna. A stroll around the beautiful village and to the highlighted viewpoint, also known as “the balcony of the Ionian sea”, is not to be missed!

  • Day 6: Spartochori-Limonari (paddling distance: app. 8 Nm):

Leaving Spartochori in the morning we launch for the most “flexible” day of this trip. Today we explore the fjord-like patterns on the north coastline of the island and we could either convert this into a short day or a long one. Anyway, we enjoy lots of swimming and relaxation today. We head towards Limonari beach for an overnight.

  • Day 7: Limonari-Kalamos (paddling distance: app. 10 Nm):

We head to Kalamos island today! The crossing is beautiful in the morning and we opt for this! Sometimes dolphins are happy to “join” us for a while and if we are lucky enough, even play around our kayaks. Arriving at Kalamos we stop for swimming and food on the north side and later we continue following the east coastline towards Kalamos village. We camp for the night, though we can still enjoy the local dishes in the village!

  • Day 8: Kalamos-P. Leone-Kastos (paddling distance app. 9 Nm):

We launch from Kalamos following the coastline south towards Porto Leone and then cross to Kastos Island. We explore the east side of the island heading south to visit the village and later the beach where we opt to camp for the night.

  • Day 9: Kastos-Meganisi-Mikros Yialos  (paddling distance app. 13 Nm)

This is our longest day in the trip. This day we cross from Kastos to Meganisi and back to Lefkada. The crossing is completed in two legs. The southwest coastline of Meganisi is stunning with beautiful rock formations, rock gardens and the known Papanicolis cave. We land in Mikros Yialos completing this memorable sea kayaking adventure in the Ionian Sea!

The price of this sea kayaking trip includes:

  • British Canoeing leader & coach to lead the trip
  • all top quality paddling, camping and safety gear
  • 3 nights’ accommodation in double occupancy apartments
  • All breakfasts (9), all lunches (9) wild camping meals (5), fruits & snacks

During this sea kayaking trip, you shall need:

  • Swimming suit(s)
  • Hat
  • Sun glasses
  • UV protection cream
  • Sea shoes / sandals
  • Towel(s)
  • Dry clothes
  • Personal valuables
  • Personal medicines (if needed)


  • Extra thermal layers
  • Fleece
  • Torch
  • Personal toiletries
  • Insect repellant
  • Extra camping equipment
    (At Odysea we use high quality sleeping bags, mats and 2p tents. However you may bring your own or extra equipment if you wish and as far as it fits inside a kayak hatch!)