British Canoeing 3 Star Sea Kayak

The British Canoeing 3 star sea kayak training will take us through the elements of the latest British Canoeing 3 star syllabus for sea kayak. The training runs based on the updated training notes.

This is part of a journey towards your preparation for future successful assessment for the award. Areas of personal paddling skills, rescues, safety, leadership & group skills as well as a rich and comprehensive theory part including navigation, weather and seamanship elements will be visited.

Rolling is one of the elements visited as well as part of the syllabus, training and assessment notes for the award. During this course and when weather conditions are appropriate, we aim to be working in up to moderate sea states. An environment of sea state 3 and winds up to force 4 (15 kn) is what we will be looking for.

See the BC 3-star Sea Kayak Syllabus here

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DURATION: 4 days
COST: 330€
EXPERIENCE NEEDED: This sea kayaking course is suitable for anyone with some paddling experience in sea kayak. The course is more appropriate for someone that is at a 2 star standard of performance and/or has completed introductory and perhaps some form of improvement training as well.

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