Tatiana&Petru, Dana&John, Romania

Dear George,

We come back home and we are aware that we had a great time in Lefkada island due to its beauty but in the same time due to special people that we had the chance to meet. The kayak journey by was such opportunity to share a very beautiful day with you around Paros bay.

We thank you very much for your carreful attention and patiance that made us more confident and relaxed. You are high skilfull kayak trainer and a very experienced psychologist, making us to feel all the time in safe hands.

The picknic lunch was a delicious and we enjoyed to talk with you about so many things related to this  beautiful world and its human concerns. So, it was a not only a sea kayak journy but a very interesting trip in human spirit.

And for my friend, as you said, it was a good opportunity for personal development!

Tommaso Benassi, Italy

I follow the BCU 3 star course in Lefkada. It has been an amazing experience. Georse is a fantastic instructor, i loved the way he transmits his knowledge and I am really surprised how much I learned in just five days. I am totally satisfyed with the course and I defenetly recommend it to anyone that love kayaking. And last but not least the location was perfect, with its stunning landscape!

Mattia Sartori, Italy

Our BC 3 star course with George was really amazeing and productive. George managed to teach a lot of skills in little time and through direct and simple axplanations. His great general knowledge helped me to understand this descipline at 360 dergrees. All the partecipants in the course were taken care of with no distinction between skills levels. I especcially apreciated the devotion of the teacher trying hard to improve our skills and keep the motivation high and the mood positive even in harsh conditions. George took a lot of time for individual teaching and feedback so that I felt an extraordinary personal support during the course. In the end we had a lot of fun in the water, during theory classes and around the dinner table in the evening. Thanks to George and Odysea! 

Ulises E. Sosa, Argentina

The company I work for appointed me  and two other colleagues to undertake a kayak course so we could provide a new kayak tour in the Norwegian fjords. From the very first contact we had with George, his commitment to make a success out of this course became clear to us. We were given detailed information of the goals of the course, what the syllabus was, how we would be examined. The equipment that Odysea provided was top class, brand new and on the best conditions of cleanliness. Not only that, but also the teaching materials were excellent and helped to deliver the best quality of instructions. George, our teacher was incredibly well prepared, the theory lessons were clear, in depth and useful. While in the water, all the technics were demonstrated and corrected in a very friendly manner. He coached every single student and took his time to observe all of us. He keept a high morale of the group, encouraged every student to participate in the activities and in the reviews of the technics learnt. As a leader, George took as highest priority the safety of the group, as well as giving us the space to practice in a realistic environment the technics learnt. He promoted the idea of group awareness, cooperation, and role play among the students. 
During the five days of the course I could see a dramatic improvement of my skills, and in the last day, during the assessment I felt quite self confident in a choppy sea with winds force 3 and gusts reaching force 4.  That gives me the confidence to work as a paddler in the fjords, and I feel that with what I have learnt so far we will make of our tours a complete success. 
I could truly feel George’s passion for this sport and how he managed to pass it on to us. I absolutely recommend this school and me myself look forward to coming back to keep on working on my paddling skills.

Vadim Verbickij, Lithuania

Just finished the BCU 3* kayak course with George (01/04 – 10/04/2016)
KISS – Keep it Simple Safe (or “Kayak is Super Strange” by author version) – that was the last part of the theory that George has taught us, and that was maintained by him throughout the whole duration of this course.

If you haven’t paddled before, but you love cooking, for example (or anything else you love) – be sure – George will make you feel like you are in the kitchen making something really special, while paddling out there, in the sea!

… and “the surf zone” …

Yiannis Hatzifrantzeskos, Athens, Greece

Dear Mr Gazetas, my friend George,

It has been a great honor to be your student. As a coach, you gave me all that freedom and space to develop as no one else aiming to teach me any skill has ever dared to do so in the past: and I am totally thankful for this. The physical experience trough out the course has been exceptional. The mental experience in order to develop skills has been outstanding. The spiritual elements i have been delivered those days…. took me off to a new level. Thank you, from my heart.

Doug Cooper, Aviemore, Scotland

I have been lucky enough to be involved in helping George progress through the BCU UKCC coaching scheme, which he has been successfully doing with trips to Scotland. In this period I have spent time on the water with George and always enjoyed watching, being part of and helping develop his relaxed, fun yet professional style of coaching. His technical knowledge and ability in a sea kayak has always stood out as a real asset in his coaching and helps him support others in their learning. In addition to this I have been lucky enough to paddle with George in Greece, where his passion for his country and his sport really shines through. My time on the water with George has always been enjoyable with plenty of learning.

Anat Harel, Tel Aviv, Israel

I would like to thank so much Giorgos and Odysea for this wonderful paddling trip that have organized for us last May. We arrived just in time for a big storm, but Giorgos arranged for us an alternative route, so we could start our trip. We flew the first day with a back wind, continued with fighting it from the side, and enjoyed a relaxed paddling for the last 3 days with the best clear turquoise water and the amazing rocks of west Lefkada. He is a great guide, and tour organizer! I was impressed with his vast knowledge and familiarity with every corner of these Islands, as well as his ability to connect with all of us on a personal level! Giorgos is surely a gifted leader, and we would like him to start planning our next trip!

Anthi Anagnostou, Arta, Greece

Some years ago strolling through a rather boring exhibition I came across a very interesting question printed on a mirror. “When you look at the water do you recognize the water in you?” Ever since, whenever I am close to water, I ask myself this question. The only time I got a positive answer was kayaking in the Ambracian Gulf with George has the gift of teaching, very effectively, the basic techniques needed, so even from the very first times in the water you can enjoy the trip. Moreover, the atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly. When I started kayaking I wanted to face the fear of me in the water, I wasn’t expecting to face the water in me! Thank you is not enough.

Hagai Matzner, Tel Aviv, Israel

It was a wonderful and exciting experience paddling for 7 days with George around Lefkada and some nearby islands. ‘Odysea’ and George are professionals in all manners – using excellent kayaks and high quality equipment. George is an expert and skilled kayak instructor, familiar with all the factors and details, blessed with never ending patience (and an excellent photographer and a very talented cook…).