Who we are

Odysea is an exclusively specialized sea kayak outfitter, offering a mosaic of sea kayak day and multi day trips all around Greece, as well as sea kayak training courses and assessments aligned with the British Canoeing (UKCC) scheme to prospective and developing paddlers.

Born in the summer of 2012, Odysea has had a soul long before that and nowadays it simply incarnates our need to share the exploration of the outstanding beauty of Greek nature along stretches of coastline through sea kayaking with people from around the world, as well as the thrill hidden in the memorable experience of a sea adventure and inspiring skills development pathways.

At the helm of Odysea’s journey in the world of sea kayaking is George Gazetas*. Born in 1984 in Arta, George, while studying Mechanical Engineering, discovered Greece mainly through sea kayaking, which quickly became an important and fascinating part of his life.

George has been working through the British Canoeing (UKCC) scheme for years, as well as working as a white water rafting trip leader and corporate event coordinator and assistant for a variety of outdoor activities and companies. This led George to channel his passion for Greece and sea kayaking into something new –  and thus Odysea was created; an enduring fascinating life-journey with the backdrop of Greece’s disarming beauty. Over the last 5 years, George has been leading and coaching for over an average of 200 days/year, progressing and developing himself in what he experiences as a blessed journey all the way. Whether guiding individuals in unique trip-adventures around Greece’s crystal clear and warm waters or sharing the best of his spirit through sea kayak coaching, George runs Odysea with all the passion, professionalism and fun that his experience and personality has to offer.

*George’s qualifications include;

  • British Canoeing (UKCC) Level 2 Coach with MWE for sea kayak
  • British Canoeing 3 Star Course Provider
  • British Canoeing 4 star leader and trained 5 star Leader Sea
  • British Canoeing Long Term Paddler Development (I), Paddlesafe child protection, Foundation Safety and Rescue Training, Coaching the mind – intermediate, Coastal & open water navigation & tidal planning
  • Rescue 3 international swift water rescue technician (I)
  • IRF ww rafting trip leader class 3
  • HRC, RTI & EFR First Aid Cert.
  • Greek Army Special Forces Nurse Cert.
Who we are


With our name inspired by the mythical epos of the Odyssey, one of the most fascinating sea adventure stories ever written, at Odysea we aim to share memorable and triggering sea kayaking experiences through an inspiring, developing and challenging pathway! With this in mind, we are proud of:

  • our dedication and expertise in sea kayak coaching and leading
  • high quality equipment and services
  • plethora of sea kayaking trip destinations, covering the most interesting and fascinating parts of Greece’s coastline, explored with fun, enjoyable and developing approaches

Let your journey begin!



At Οdysea we strongly believe that quality, in all respects, is fundamental. Therefore, we do our best to supply with paddling and camping equipment that meets our high quality standards: Selected based on suitability / best performance, reliability and comfort, our fleet from top manufacturers like P&H, Necky, Valley and Prijon, paddles from Werner Paddles and kit from PeakUk, Hf, Lomo, Kokatat, Palm, Reed and other top suppliers contribute to ensure that we offer you sea kayaking experiences the way we want them to be shared. Our camping equipment from MSR, Marmot, Thermarest, 7H means that tents, sleeping bags, mats and the rest of the kits make our wild camp nights exceptionally pleasant and comfortable.


Tatiana&Petru, Dana&John, Romania

We thank you very much for your carreful attention and patiance that made us more confident and relaxed. You are high skilfull kayak trainer and a very experienced psychologist, making us to feel all the time in safe hands. The picknic lunch was a delicious and we enjoyed to talk with you about so many things related to this beautiful world and its human concerns. So, it was a not only a sea kayak journy but a very interesting trip in human spirit.

Tommaso Benassi, Italy

I follow the BCU 3 star course in Lefkada. It has been an amazing experience. Georse is a fantastic instructor, i loved the way he transmits his knowledge and I am really surprised how much I learned in just five days.